• Dan Rowinski
    Mobile Editor

    “Ourcast reminds me of Back to the Future 2 when Doc Brown can tell the precise moment that it will stop raining.”

  • Kevin Stout
    Contributor Writer

    “Ourcast is social weather done right.”

  • Benjamin Starr
    Managing Editor

    “[Ourcast] was scary accurate within a few minutes ... and the user base hasn't even fully kicked in.”

  • UrbanDaddy
    Keeping You in the Know

    “Think of this as having a direct line to Freyr, god of weather..”

  • Sarah Kessler
    Feature Writer

    “Ourcast aims to replace the weatherman with statistics and crowdsourcing.”

  • Natasha Baker
    App Writer

    “Ourcast also encourages its users to contribute reports of weather in their particular location, which goes into the algorithm used to forecast the weather.”

  • VentureWire
    News and Capital Investment

    “For picnickers wondering whether those clouds mean it's time to pack up, Ourcast Inc. has a mobile app that it says can accurately predict precipitation during the next two hours.”

A New Frontier in Weather Technology


It's time to expect more from your forecast. Soon everyone will know exactly when it is going to start and stop raining. We build the technology to make it happen.

Our Team

We are a small bunch of smart software engineers and entrepreneurial-minded people who are excited about big technical challenges and creating a great user experience.


Preheat the Amazon EC2 cloud. In a large mixing bowl, take 2 cups of radar data, mix in 1 cup of crowdsourced weather reports and bake with statistical analysis. Repeat every few minutes.


The same data that powers our Minutely app can provide accurate short-term rain predictions for your own applications. See the API specification, and contact us for a key.


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The minute-by-minute rain forecast at your exact location.